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We have something in common with all our clients and applicants: We love technology. Get to know us and allow yourself to be carried away by our passion for technology. Whether information technology, electrical and electronics, robotic automation technology or mechanical and plant engineering ‒ our technicians will program, develop, design, calculate, test and control a wide range of projects on site with our clients.

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    Trummer has been around since 1991. Trummer Experts GmbH is an independent company in the field of engineering recruiting services and boasts many years of experience, comprehensive familiarity in the industry and expert know-how in all service areas. You will find us wherever new technologies are required. Not only do our innovative strength and our network allow us to successfully place specialists and executives, but we are also constantly setting standards in the field of personnel services.

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    We specialise in recruiting technical and commercial staff which we will introduce or transfer to world-class companies for long-term benefit.

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    We will introduce and transfer qualified technical and commercial staff from entry to expert levels across all industries.